The Brisbane Continental Cycling Team is a team which was created to provide some huge opportunities for the best of Queenslands up and comers. The team will be faced with some of the hardest and most challenging races available to them. These are the opportunities that the team members might not have been racing if it weren't for the Brisbane Continental Cycling team.

The majority of the team hails from greater Queensland area, however there are a few key members to the team who originate from elsewhere, mainly Tasmania and New Zealand. 

The Rider Roster for 2018 is as follows:

  • Jordan Kerby
  • David Edwards
  • Ryan Thomas
  • Oliver Smith
  • Joshua Beikoff
  • Blake Quick
  • Mitchell Neumann
  • Thomas Robinson
  • Oliver Martin
  • Calan White
  • Nicholas Yallouris
  • Michael Vink
  • James Moriarty
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