Brisbane Continental Cycling Team provides rich opportunities to not only the riders themselves but the companies and the individuals who support our movement, to provide opportunities. 

From humble beginnings our audience started small, however as the years went by, and the teams rapid progression over that same time period, our community began to thrive. The enormous growth of The Pedaler Cyclery & the Brisbane Cycling Club, two of our key supporters, aided the growth of our friends in the greater Brisbane Cycling community.
A somewhat large part of our rapid growth is due to the highest quality of content that we provide the followers and the community with on a daily basis. We also take advantage of our ability to recap races and portray the real scenes and the real thoughts and moods of the riders and staff while at races. We do it regularly and we do it well.

During the growth of the companies and our financial supporters, we amassed a plethora of incredibly talented riders over the years of NRS and an odd UCI racing participation with the Cobra9 Intebuild Racing Team.
Mid 2017, the the general manager of the team, along with a few of the key riders realised that we could become a force to be reckoned with on a broader, international level, hence the step up to Continental status. 
However, bigger costs and expenditures are ubiquitously tied with this level of racing. Our few current supporters have been influential in getting this programme off the ground. 

However, we cannot fully support this team and our goals purely based off our own merits, there are plane tickets to purchase, supplies for the riders and staff while on tour, the list goes on and on. (i dont know how to ask for sponsors so this is something you can do, )